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Clanheart Creature Designs

A small compilation of the creature designs I made for Clanheart. 3 Alternative sketch designs for each creature were done from which the user base had the opportunity to choose their favourite and then I worked further on the winning design.

These were done in an unusual way due to the website's interactive layered options. They have a highlight, shadow, base and extra layers on each one of these and can be mixed with the marking mutations that will be electable on the website's interactive game.

Maricela ugarte pena ch wolf

Wolf Alpha Colour Example

Maricela ugarte pena ch phoenix

Phoenix Alpha and Baby - No highlights or shadows

Maricela ugarte pena ch cats

Cat Alpha and Cat Shaman with Dynamic part visible. Grey base colour, coloured highlights and shadows.

Maricela ugarte pena ch raptor

Raptor Alpha Process

Maricela ugarte pena ch deer

Dynamic Part Alternative

Maricela ugarte pena ch kitsune

Kitsune Variation Compilation White Base with coloured highlights & Shadows

Maricela ugarte pena ch orca

Orca Alpha Grey and dynamic part on.

Maricela ugarte pena ch horse

Horse Shaman Layers and Colour Examples

Clanheart: Cat Lineart Work in progress

Clanheart : Phoenix Shading Walthrough Part 1