Pulso Nocturno

Maricela ugarte pena designs1
First sketches to define the new style for this game.
Maricela ugarte pena character sketches
Evolution of the Character's face & Shape
Maricela ugarte pena mainchara
Final Character Design of the Protagonist
Maricela ugarte pena shadow
Shadow man Mislead was a concept based on "scares" inside the game that would trick the character into seeing a creature but it was actually just the shadow of an object.
Maricela ugarte pena shadow2
Shadow Man Concept Art
Maricela ugarte pena dog
Hell Dog Entrance Concept art
Maricela ugarte pena furniture shapes
Furniture modification to adapt to the game's nerve-wrecking style.
Maricela ugarte pena creature shapes
How objects could be inspiration for new creature shadows.
Maricela ugarte pena shape3d
An idea of would the 3d modelling should be used to create the shadow sprites.

2014 - Re conceptualizing the character designs from a game we came out with in 2014's Global game Jam. These are some style maps I was working on to guide the interns at Ennui Studio so that they could create more characters and assets based on this style guide.